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Louis and Lenore Belluchie and Family:

Louis William (given name Luigi) was born in Delta on August 25, 1907. Was baptised on March 15, 1908. Louie was named after one of the twins who died in Lake City. He grew up on the farm and worked hard in the fields. In 1929, he and Dominick started farming on their own. For two years they worked on the John Petersson farm in Peach Valley. It was here that they helped to care for Angeline's daughters for several months. In 1931, the two men decided to try their hand at mining and went to the lake City area to try their luck. After Dominick's death, Louie went to work for the forest service, building and maintaining roads on the Uncompahgre, Grand Mesa and the Green Mountain Dam. He also worked on building the Land's End road to Grand Mesa as a powder man and a heavy equipment operator. In October 1942, Louie joined the army and served in Europe during the war. He was one of the many Belluchie kin who served their country. In July of 1944, he was badly wounded and was not returned to the United States until 1945. He received his discharge in June 1945 and returned to Colorado, living on the farm and working for the forest service.
In 1946, Louie met Lenore Theisen Arnwine and they were married on Ootober 26. Lenore was the mother of two daughters, Barbara and Jean Arnwine and the new family settled in Delta. Later, they moved to Grand Junction and Louie retired from the Forest Service in 1956. After his retirement he began to truck farm and over the years he has grown corn, tomatoes, cucumbers and he has gained quite a following for his good vegetables. In 1978, Louis underwent open heart surgery in Denver. He has recuperated quickly and he is resuming his many activities. He and Lenore often travel and they have gone to California, Michigan and Louisiana in the winters. 

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