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Vera and Roy Koch and Family:

Vera Ethel was born in Delta on November 11, 1914, the last of the children to be born to Nick and Raffaela. She was named after her mother whose Americanized name was Ethel Vera. She lived on the farm with her parents and attended school in Delta. After the death of her mother, Vera was sent to live with her brother Jim and she stayed with them at Austin. Rex and Pando. After three years, she returned home to the farm and her father.
On November 3, 1935, she was married to Roy Koch in the Baptist Church at Delta. Roy was born in Roston, Oklahoma on December 4, 1915 and he was at the C.C.C. camp located on the Uncompapre. After their marriage, Roy received his discharge at the camp in Beulah, Colorado and they traveled to Oklahoma to live. They stayed in Rosston for two years and Roy worked on a survy team and for the highway department. Together, they managed the Hanzel Telephone Company and Vera was the switchboard operator.
In 1937, they returned to Delta and lived on the farm with Nick and Roy worked for the Stephens Warehouse and they did some farming. In 1941 Roy hired on with the D&RGW Railroad, first as a section hand and then as a brakeman conductor and the family moved to Grand Junction. Through the years Vera has been a busy wife and mother who was very involved with her community and her daughters schools and activities, She also worked for a short time as a grocery store clerk. In 1956, Nick came to live with Vera and he remained with her until his death in 1958. On February 2, 1976, Roy retired from his job as a conductor after thirty-five years of service and they began to do some traveling. They visited Hawaii in December 1976 and spent the winter of 1977-78 in Texas and took several trips into Mexico. Roy was quite ill during the fall of 1978 so they postponed their plans to return to Texas, but as his health improves more and more, they plan to travel once again this winter. They have also spent the last fourteen summers on Grand Mesa and plan to continue to do so for many more years.

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