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Angeline and William Springer

Angeline was the first child born after Raffaela and Nick were reunited in America. She was born on May 29, 1893 in Denver Colorado. When she was seventeen years old she married William Springer on April 29, 1911 at her parent's home on California Mesa. William was twenty years her senior and was born on June 2, 1872 either in Gunnison, Colorado or Independence, Missouri. There is some disagreement about this. They had a nice life and they were very social. They belonged to several of the lodges in Delta and they owned a home; at 319 Kellogg in Delta. Bill Springer was in the logging business and worked for the Darling Sawmill as a teamster. In the summer Angeline and the children would spend these months at the logging camps with him.

In August 1921 Angeline pave birth to twin daughters and when they we're just seven months old, she contracted influenza. It was complicated by lumbar pneumonia and she died after a weeks illness, in Delta, on March 14, 1922. She was only twenty-eight years old and left behind five small children.

The babies and Mike went to live with her parents on the ranch and Bill took Pat, Ethel, and, later Mike to live with him. Susie helped to care for the children until she was married.

When the twins were five years old, Raffaela became ill and could no longer care for the girls. They stayed with Dominick and Louie for a few months but Bill decided the best thing for them would be to go to school at the Odd fellow's Home in Canon City. Angeline had been a member of the Royal Neighbors and Bill was an Odd fellow, so he sent them away. They remained there until age 18, when they graduated and went out on their own. They chose not to keep in touch with the family and they were soon lost track of. Efforts to located then after the death of Nick proved fruitless. Ethel, Pat and Mike remained with their father and he continued to work in the logging business. He passed away in 1942 in Delta. Their family is the largest of all the Belluchie clan.

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