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Dominick Charles and a twin brother were born on December 31, 1896 in Lake City. He was baptized on January 28, 1897 and it is assumed that his twin died a short time after their birth as there is not a baptismal certificate available for him. Dominick -vas named after the first Bellucci child. Dominick worked on the homestead like all of the children and when he and his brother Jim were just boys, they went with their father to Thompson, Utah to work in the coal mines. Dominick also worked as a blacksmith for Ray Greenwood in Delta and for the Springer's in the logging camps. When Dominick was 32 years old, he asked Eunice Elizabeth Stallings to marry him and they were wed on November 13, 1921 In Delta. Patsy, as she was known to everyone, Dominick and Louie did some farming for John Peterson in Peach Valley and it was while they were here that Angeline's twin daughters, Wilma and Wilda, lived with them for several months before they were sent to school in Canyon City. After the stint at farming, the two men decided to try their luck at mining and they went to Iola (near Lake City) in 1931, While working in Iola, Dominick suffered an appendicitis attack, He asked that he be taken home to Delta, but he had waited to long for treatment and his appendix ruptured. He died of peritonitis on June 29, 1931, just thirty-seven days after the death of his mother. This was a very sad time for the Family: Dominick was thirty-five.

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