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James Leslie (given name Jacobus) was born on May 28, 1898 in Lake City. He was baptized on June 5, 1898. Jim was four or five years old when the family moved to the homestead and he grew up working in the fields and helping his father. When he was twenty-two years old he married Thelma Cole at the Methodist Parsonage in Austin, Colorado on March 16, 1921. Thelma was born on April 26, 1902 in Hotchkiss, Colorado. Jim was employed as a section laborer for the railroad at the time and he and his new wife lived in Delta for about five months after their marriage. In the fall of 1921, he was promoted to foreman and they moved to Austin. After eleven years here, the railroad closed down that section and they were moved to a small place called Rex, which is located about four miles above Minturn. There was only a section house, which was an old wooden Pullman car and a little shack there. This was to be their home for several months. Finally, an opening came up in nearby Pando and Jim decided to move his family there. Vera was living with them at the time and she and Thelma decided to go to Pando to check the housing situation. They managed to catch a ride to the town and spent some time looking around. On the return trip, it looked as if they would have to walk, so they began to hike back to Rex. The Helper engine came along about that time and the engineer offered to give them a ride home. They say they may be the only two women who ever rode a 3600 steam engine.
After a year in Pando, Jim moved his family to Thompson, Utah and they resided there for five years. The next move took them to Glenwood Springs and, except for a short time In Palisade, they remained there until 1972. This was the year of Jim's retirement and they decided to move to the warmer climate of Grand Junction. They recently celebrated their 58th wedding anniversary and as Thelma has written, a lot of water has gone under the bridge and the older they get, the faster it runs.

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