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Mary Magdalene (given name Mariana) was born in Pueblo on August 3, 1900 and she was baptised on August 12, 1900
Mary was married as a young girl to Herman Core on July 11, 1915. He was born in Neosha, Missouri on March 15, 1894. The Cores lived. in Delta for all of their married life and during this time Herman was employed as a trucker and a laborer and he also did a little farming. The Cores also had a coal yard at their home.

Mary worked in the canning factory for several years but her deepest interest was her church work. She was very involved with the Baptist Church until 1939 when she joined the Nazarene Church and continued her work with them. She helped many people in need, both through her church and through her neighbors. In addition she helped out her family whenever she was needed. In her later years, she was to make a home for her father when it was no longer advisable for him to remain on the ranch by himself.

Mary's health had not been good for many years and it failed even more during 1964 and 1965. On March 21, 1965, just four months before she and Herman were to celebrate their Golden Anniversary, she passed away after a series of small strokes. She was sixty-four years of age. Herman then made his home with his daughter, Alice, until his death on June 5, 1970. Mary and Herman were the parents of three children, all born in Delta.

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