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Susie was born on March 25, 1903 in Lake City and she was the ninth child born into the family. The Belluchies moved to Delta when Susie was just a few months old and the family settled down to farming.

When Susie was nine years old, she went with her older brothers and sisters to gather apples. As she was to small to pick, she stayed behind and was playing by the campfire when the back of her dress caught on fire. Dominick heard her screams and extinguished the flames but, she had suffered burns so severe that she spent the next three years in the hospital and nursing home. She was unable to bond from her hips and when she was twelve years old she had to learn to walk all over again. The burns and searing also stunted her growth and she was only 4'11&1/2" tall. Susie never let her handicap interfere with her activities. Although she was timid and quiet, she had a sense of comedy and was an amusing mimic. She worked. for the cheese factory in Delta for a time and when Angeline died, Susie helped Bill Springer to care for his children.

Chester (Chet) Harvey came to Delta to visit a friend's parents and it was here that he met his future wife, Susie. He was born on September 25, 1904 in Seward County, Kansas and he was a cowboy. On December 26, 1972 Susie and Chet, Rose and Clyde Peterson were married in a double wedding at the Delta County Courthouse. They lived on the Calhoun Ranch in Escalante Canyon for several months, when the four of them decided to go to Kansas in September 1923.

After their arrival in Kansas Chet worked on his Grandfather Harvey's ranch, as well as others along the Cimarron River in Seward County. He also did some farming. Susie became an accomplished cook and she was a favorite with her husband's family.

The burns that Susie suffered as a child were to once again become a problem to her. One area on her back had never healed properly and it eventually became cancerous. Chet brought Susie back home to Delta and she passed away there on may 5, 1938. She was thirty-five years old.

After Susie's death, Chet and the children returned to Kansas where he lived until his death at Liberal, Kansas on July 8, 1944.

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