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Rosina Belluchie
Rose and Clyde Peterson and Family:

Rosina was the first child born after the family moved to Delta, She was born there on April 13, 1905 and she was baptised on March 15, 1908. family had just established the homestead and it was a time of hard work and hardships for the family. When Rose was a teenager her mother's health began to fail and it was left to the older girls to take over many of her jobs about the house and in the fields Rose and Susie worked for a time at the Delta Cheese Factory and the two girls were later married in a double ceremony on December 26, 1922 at the Delta County Courthouse. Roase and her new husband, Clyde Paterson and the Harveys all decided to go to Kansas in September 1923, They traveled in an Old Model A Ford and spent almost as much time pushing it over Monarch Pass as they did riding in it. The car was also prone to flat tires and that delayed them even more. But it was a trip that they all enjoyed and had fun making. Clyde's work took them to several locations and they have traveled through all of the western states, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Missouri. They moved to California twenty-six years ago and they have lived there since that time. Clyde has retired from his work as a contractor and brick mason, but he still does an occasional job. Rose is a housewife and has helped to care for her grandchildren.

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