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The Belluchie Family Chronicle Assembled 1979 by Vivian Koch Habliston, Betty Belluchie Milner, Vera Koch, Georgia Koch Wiggins and John Wiggins. It has not been up-dated from that time. You are welcome to  contact me if you have anything to add or need to have any part of this chronicle corrected I will continue to up-date as I can. Pictures are welcome along with any information you may have or want to contribute. Steve Core 303-986-1205.

Nicodemo and Raffaela Belluchie came to be the foundation of a large and wonderful family. Wouldn't they be amazed to learn that they had built a dynasty consisting of fourteen children; twenty grandchildren; fifty great grandchildren; thirty-nine great-great-grandchildren; and two great-great great grandchildren. There are also two grandchildren; nine Great-grandchildren; and eight great- great- grandchildren who have become part of the family through marriages. This comes to a total of 125 known direct descendants or a total of 144 family members. At the present time there are 128 known living members of the family.

The family has remained basically in Colorado with the majority of the members living in the Delta / Grand Junction area. There are also kin in California, Utah, Kansas, Nebraska, Louisiana and Alabama. Their field of employment cover railroading, construction, mining, business, farming, teaching, the armed services, office work, government, the medical field and personal services. And last, but not least, there are 73 male members of the family and 71 female members.
The family name was originally spelled Belluccii but it was changed to the present spelling about 1910 on the advise of a well meaning neighbor. Raffaela's name was also Americanized to Ethel Vera but we will refer to her as Raffaela as we think she would have preferred this.

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